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The Periodic Table!

We know from this week that we can organize things based on properties, that organization makes things useful, and that the periodic table is organized by the properties of the elements.  We also know from our graphs in class that the elements show periodicity, or repeating patterns.  But what you have learned so far is just the surface!  There are lots more trends and properties that make sense when the elements are organized.  Based on our experiences, one more thing we know is that there is more than one way to organize a set of objects, and thus, there is more than one version of the periodic table. Check out these links and videos to learn about the trends in the periodic table, the history of its construction, and alternate versions of arranging the elements.

Alternate versions of the periodic table (including some of the pictures from class)

History of the periodic table construction:

A Historic Overview: Mendeleev and the Periodic Table:

Elements and Periodic Table History:

History of the Periodic Table
Here, you will find brief information about the history of the periodic table, specifically on Mendeleev.

A Brief History of the Development of the Periodic Table
Here, you will find more in depth information about the history of the perioic table.

History of the Periodic Table
More information about the history along with extra questions that you may want to add to your notes.

Interactive Periodic Table
Click on any element and find out different properties and classifications.



VIDEO 1 (Watch this one to find out about the Law of Octaves)


VIDEO 2  IHS Chemistry Flipped Learning (Watch this one first)






VIDEO 5  Watch the first 6:49 mintues of this one to learn more about diatomic elements



Basic Kid version of Periodic Table Structure:

A student tutor explaining three trends in the periodic table:


Trends in reactivity:

Periodic trends:

Periodic trends:

Good (but longer) Good explanations (by a teacher) of the trends and reasons behind them