BIO: Cellular Transport: Osmosis, Diffusion and More

Cellular Transport: Osmosis, Diffusion and More!

Know the meanings of these terms: Osmosis, concentration gradient, hypotonic, isotonic, hypertonic, diffusion, passive transport, active transport.  For extra credit, make flashcards or flippy tabs with the terms and correctly answer questions in class.  The websites below will be of assistance to you.

This is the animation we watched/will watch in class.  Look here to understand osmosis and terms like isotonic, hypotonic and hypertonic.  There is a quiz to test yourself; you can email me your results.

This has information and short animations.  It is by a high school teacher and students so their perspective may be helpful. (*This site currently not working.)

Lots of info.  Click F5 or refresh to restart the animations if they are not moving.  This has lots and lots of examples.  Scroll down to see all there is to see.  BONUS...If you can explain how pioneers and olden-times people used the principles of osmosis to preserve food and prevent bacteria from destroying it!

Here is another site for transport in general.  Be sure to click the arrow on the lower left box to make the animation go forward.    Login and make your own digital flashcards!


Don't forget to do Assignment 2!