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Welcome to Ms. LaSovage's website. 

This site will be updated as necessary with course information and updates.  Look at the top of the page under the title right now and see the tab names listed.  These are the links to various pages within the site.  They may change as we cover different material, so be sure to keep that in mind.  Note: If you are viewing the website from a handheld device, you may need to scroll down after you click on an tab in order to see the new page!  

The items on the site are designed to help students be successful.  Extra credit opportunities, homework explanations, and supplemental videos will be updated as needed.  Hopefully, you will find useful information and links to other resources that will help you in my class.  To contact me directly or for questions, please email me at Have a great day!

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I regularly send out emails to parents about class happenings and updates.  If you are not receiving these emails and would like to, please send a note to and let me know.  Please include the name of your student in the message or subject line.  


Science is about OBSERVATIONS.  Science is about ASKING QUESTIONS.  Science is about COMMUNICATION.  Science is about SUPPORTING YOUR ARGUMENTS.  Science is about EVIDENCE!!!!  

Happy Science!